Benefits Of Wheatgrass For Your Pets

wheatgrass-petsYou must be laughing your socks off because I dedicated a post just on the benefits of wheatgrass for your pets! Kidding aside, if you grow wheatgrass at home, you might have sometimes caught your dog, cat, rabbit, or other furry little critters nibbling or licking on the blades of the wheatgrass. Aside from the reason that they love the smell (and probably the look) of wheatgrass, they eat it to help aid their digestion and also when they are sick.

I have no idea, but their animal instinct must somehow be telling them “Wheatgrass is Healthy, Wheatgrass is Healthy, Wheatgrass is…” you get the point. Like Kefir, good bacteria is needed for proper intestinal flora. And wheatgrass just so happens to be in large amounts of these good bacteria too.

With these, we get many different health benefits from wheatgrass a lot of which are totally different from kefir. Unlike us humans, animals really have good instincts. They already know when a certain type of food is healthy for them or not. Mother nature has taught them well. Don’t wait until your dog starts to talk to tell you how good wheatgrass is for you. Take action today and feel the difference.

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