Irritable Bowel Syndrome And Kefir

kefir irritable bowel syndromeI recently met a girl (for privacy’s sake, let’s call her Julie) that has Irritable bowel syndrome. She is really having trouble with the bloating part because she just can’t seem to get the flat stomach she wants because of it. No matter what she ate (OR didn’t) or did, she just couldn’t get that flat stomach because of the bloat from IBS.

IBS is scary, but can be treated to make it easier. Using natural treatments are always the best route.

I wasn’t sure how to help her so I asked her to try some of my kefir (from kefir grains) for the next 30 days. I have heard about the kefir health benefits and that it could somewhat help with IBS but I haven’t seen any proof yet.

We met again after 28 days and she told me that the kefir was actually helping. She lost a good part of the bloat for some reason.

She said it also helped her boost her energy and her workouts went smoother.

We just met again today, and it’s been 45 days since she started with kefir. She looks more toned now. The bloat is still there but not like before. It actually looks flat now! She also told me that she decided to buy live kefir grains online. I didn’t tell her that she bought from this site because I just found out now :)

I guess it worked! I’m so happy for her.

You can check out Wikipedia to see what Irritable bowel syndrome is.

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