Five Steps to Losing Weight with Kefir

I’ve tried different pills, weight-loss programs and exercise regimens. They were bad/really bad/good /really good but what I’m on now, I would recommend to anyone without batting an eyelash. I’m regularly consuming kefir. My health has since improved tremendously and weight-loss turned out to be just a delightful bonus. But for the record and to […]

Kefir Grains vs Kefir Starters vs Yogurt Starters: What’s the difference, really?

The only important fact you should know between Kefir grains and yogurt starters is that the former has more beneficial bacteria made during the fermentation than yogurt starters. The process of making Kefir and yogurt from kefir starters and yogurts starters is basically the same. Their tastes are different because of the type of bacteria […]

Kefir Health Benefits

Kefir from Kefir Grains – A Natural Remedy Kefir, the miracle food, is known as a superb probiotic source. With rich probiotic content, it automatically has a positive effect on our bodies. Kefir and Kefir grains have been around for centuries and centuries back, and all for a good reason. Over the years while studying […]