Kefir Cheese

Kefir cheeseIf you’re into cheese (and who isn’t) then you might want to make some from milk Kefir (read – How to Make Milk Kefir). Making cheese from kefir is not at all different from making ordinary cheese.

The same process of fresh milk coagulation to produce curds and whey can be used to make kefir cheese. By making kefir and straining the whey from the kefir what is left is the curd or casein part of. This remaining whey-less kefir is similar to sour cream and can be eaten as is or can be used as a base for different types of kefir cheeses. You can make soft, hard, aged and any other types of cheeses from this.

Alternatively, you can use kefir as a substitute for rennet. Instead of using rennet to make ordinary cheese use kefir and voila, you have your kefir cheese.

You can make different kefir cheeses by using different kinds of kefir or milk or by how long you age your kefir cheese. The possibilities of flavors are endless!

Lastly, similar to ordinary cheese, you can enjoy kefir cheese on bread, with cereals, with fruites or accompanied with your choice of wine.

Bon appetit!

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  1. ava nicole says

    I’ve tried kefir cheese, and it’s delicious especially when you add your own herbs to it. suggest you to experiment and try some wild flavors!

  2. me says

    Wow, RedditUser, it must be difficult to be so perfect and to be surrounded by idiots. I feel you’re pain ;)

  3. D says

    RedditUser are you for real???? You are an idiot. If you want to correct someone make sure you are right. The author of this blog is correct and you are beyond wrong in your spelling.

    Proof read much?


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