Kefir Starter

I‘ve been getting a lot of emails from buyers of Kefir Starter. I’ve been criticizing these overly commercialized products for a while now so i’m not surprised with the barrage of emails. First things first. I stick to what i’ve said before, am saying and will continue to say for a very long time. There […]

Kifer Or Kefir? Yogurt or Yoghurt?

This is a short post about the errors I frequently see with the spellings. People ask me what the real spelling of yogurt is. Is it yogurt? Yoghurt? Yoghourt? Well, the truth is, they are all correct. You can use any of those three spellings without worrying anymore! How about Kefir? Kifer is wrong, but […]

The Truth About Kefir

Kefir got rid of my Ulcers. It helped my friend by getting rid of her allergies. And it helped a lot of people treat, remedy or even cure different kinds of sicknesses. I just love kefir and I hope you will too. You must’ve heard about kefir somewhere so you tried searching for it online […]

Kefir FAQ 1

I compiled a list of questions people commonly ask me. Here’s a quick FAQ 1. I have this really puffy Kefir grain, could I divide it to give to other people? YES, just do it! I don’t have a problem with metal utensils but other people still stress that you should use plastic. So it’s […]