Kefir Ice Cream (Blueberry Flavor)

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So, obviously this is not the one I made. Mine was not that nice looking so I had to get from the internet. :)


I have been making smoothies with my kefir and I seldom do frozen kefir concoctions (ice cream equivalent). This recipe was inspired by Ice Cream Nation’s Cherry Orchard Frozen Kefir.

I borrowed my friend’s ice cream maker, made a few changes on the ingredients since I’m not much of a cherries fan (but love blueberries) and I make my own kefir (the recipe originally used store-bought kefir), and started making my kefir ice cream.


– 1 cup milk kefir
– 1/2 cup all purpose cream
– 2 whipped egg whites
– 1/2 cup granulated sugar
– 3 tablespoon honey
– 1 teaspoon vanilla bean
– 1 cup frozen blueberries


– whisk egg whites and sugar together until they form soft peaks
– put in the cream and continue whisking
– puree the blueberries
– add the blueberries, vanilla and honey into the creamy mixture
– use ice cream maker as instructed on its manual
– if you have leftovers, place them in a freezer-safe container, cover with plastic, place the lid back and store in your freezer

My verdict? Better and definitely healthier than your ordinary dairy ice cream!

Kefir Ice Cream (Blueberry Flavor) by


  1. Marcella Smith says

    Question: I’ve been making kefir for a few months, love the stuff, the first batch of grains (another provider) I got were wonderful, healthy and produced some yummy kefir. Since I drank 1-2 cups a day, and my mother started drinking a cup a day (she’s 83 yo and since began drinking that cup of kefir everyday, she began having a BM every day for the first time in her life!), I was making a daily batch of water kefir (a mason jar filtered water, 1/3-1/2 sugar, 1 squirt minerals/trace, 1 slice lemon) and a daily batch of coconut milk kefir (1/2 can coconut milk with a squirt of minerals, a slice of lime, and a 1/3-1/2 cup Sucanat, or whole sugar, or coconut sugar, or a mix of them, in a quart of mason jar filtered water).
    Suddenly, and I mean suddenly, the kefir grains changed, about a month ago, they stopped be formed cubies and became tiny tiny mushy looking grains, the water did not taste as good as before although the grains were changing the water to kefir as usual. The batches of coconut milk kefir grains still did ok, the grains tasted good (I like to eat a spoonful every day) and the kefir they produces was yummy.
    I kept making the water kefir hoping that the grains would balance again, but they still have not. I bought more grains from other places and added them to the batches, and also made a new batch line, but they too almost by the next day became mush. I had stored some dry grains in case of a disaster (just like this one) but they started to turn within days of mixing up into tiny grains. Even tried adding molasses to the mixures with no hope. I even bought a better water filtering system thinking it could be something that passed in thru the water, NO CHANGE!.
    Now, I keep making and changing the water of the plain water kefir hoping it will rebalance, it has not, and it is now 1 1/2 months from the beginning. Last week, the coconut milk kefir, which had been holding its own, started to turn incredibly slimy!!! I can’t get them to stop being so thick and slimy although they still taste good, (I can barely get the stuff to go thru a seeve), I can ‘take’ the thick slim of them, I change out everything daily, but they are getting slimier and slimier. Now, I want to buy a batch of new/different water kefir from you, but I am afraid they will become slimy as my coconut milk has, or will go mushy as my plain sugar water grains have!!!! What is happening???? So that I can start over and have good kefir and grains again? Please respond I need my kefir, man!

  2. says

    The water kefir damage could be caused from a few different reasons. Drastic changes in temperature “could” cause this. Depending on where you live, a month and 1/2 ago the weather was making the change from summer to fall. Maybe something happened there with temp change.

    Also, the newer water grains that you added could have been damaged by the older grains that were already damaged.

    With the coconut kefir being slimy… if you are using milk kefir grains, take them out of the coconut milk and put them in whole cow milk for about a week or until they firm up a bit and then rotate them back in with the coconut.

    Unfortunately is sounds like you are going to need some new water kefir grains.

  3. Marcella Smith says

    Thank you, I’ve started using osmosis filtered water also a couple days ago, slime continues in the coconut water kefir, the mush continues in the regular water kefir, I use only strict water kefir. I am highly allergic to anything with dairy in it (I rarely get processed foods because of it, only whole foods). Is you water kefir converted from milk kefir? They do have two different blends of bacteria/yeast, but even though, I can’t have even traces of milk.

  4. Marcella Smith says

    I wanted to add, I have also considered the temp and ‘light’ changes, that is about all that is left! Its not like Kefir making is complicated, but boy when they go upside down, they ARE complicated!!! I even made a fresh batch of coconut milk yesterday (very tasty compared to canned, of course because its fresh!!) they seemed a little happier, but still way out of shape…


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