(Almost) Everything You Need To Know About Kefir

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Kefir: The Curative Grain (Infographic)

Kefir: The Curative Grain Kefir originated centuries ago in the Caucasus mountains. The word “kefir” is derived from the Turkish word “keif,” which literally translates to the “good feeling” one has upon drinking it! So what exactly is it? Kefir is a complex symbiosis of more than 30 microflora that form a grain-like structure of […]

Why Everyone Needs Microbes and Good Bacteria

The scientific community has long known that a lot of bacteria or pathogens are harmful to human beings. The switch side though, is that now they’re also discovering that because the human body literally contains more microbes than human cells, these microbes are also agents of good. That’s why restraint on using antibiotics and regularly […]

Go Healthy with Kefir: What Benefits Do I Get from Drinking Kefir?

When I turned 40 I made sure to try every health food or supplement I heard about. I want to be able to take care of my family for a long time and am sure this is a goal that all parents have. Then I heard about a funny-sounding health secret (from someone close to […]

Kefir, Probiotics and Health for Humans and Canines

Probiotics has been marketed as the latest discovery in healthy eating. The hype is that it improves digestion and boosts the immune system. They have actually been present all along in yogurts and other fermented foods in Asian and European cultures like cottage cheese, kimchi, miso, tempeh and sauerkraut. Probiotics are actually more commonly known […]

Healthy Food For Your Immune System

Eating your way to a healthy body If you’re a doctor, nutritionist or simply someone who is very conscious of their health, it comes as no surprise that the key to reducing and even preventing illnesses has to do a lot with what you eat. According to specialists and experts in the field, what a […]