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kefir starterI‘ve been getting a lot of emails from buyers of Kefir Starter. I’ve been criticizing these overly commercialized products for a while now so i’m not surprised with the barrage of emails.

First things first. I stick to what i’ve said before, am saying and will continue to say for a very long time. There is no doubt in my mind that Natural Kefir Grains are 100% better than Kefir Starter. It’s been proven, and there are a lot of testimonies from users who have used both to back it up.

However, here’s the part people often miss out on, I’m not saying Kefir Starter are not effective or useful. Don’t get me wrong, it is.
Kefir Starter is the INSTANT ready mix version of kefir. No more handling of the kefir grains, just pour, ferment and voila, ready to drink Kefir.

The downside to this is you can only reuse the kefir starter for a limited number of times (about 7? or maybe about 8 the last time I tried), unlike the unlimited use of natural kefir grains. Looking at this in an economic point of view, kefir starters cost more than natural kefir grains and can only be used for a limited number of times compared to forever for natural kefir grains. You do the math.

Another thing lacking with kefir starters is it does not have the same amount of probiotic goodness as natural kefir grains. This is due to the industrialized process in which natural kefir grains are turned into kefir starter. So in short this means Kefir Starters don’t have as much healthy benefits as Kefir made from natural kefir grains.

However, and here’s the main thing, if you don’t drink any kefir at all and don’t want to use kefir grains (I wouldn’t know why) by all means get the Kefir Starter. It’s better than nothing. But if you want the best bang for your buck I urge you to try making Kefir from natural kefir grains. If you’re still skeptical try both yourself and see (or feel) the difference.

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  1. Tami says

    I’ve got Kefir from a relative of mine and I dunno where she got it from, it doesn’t look like powder but it doesn’t look as big as the pictures I see of kefir grain. so how will I know if it’s actually “live kefir grains” or just some sort of starters, is there anyway I can tell?

  2. walter straus says

    I have had a lot of trouble using homemade kefir as starter for a second (and ongoing) batch. The subsequent batches get “reedy” and do not taste nearly as good as the original batch. What am I doing wrong? (I heat the milk to about 170F and then cool to room temperature before inoculation with starter and then let it set until it thickens. I try to remove the top as little as possible)

  3. louise says

    What is the difference netween water and milk kefir grains? I didnt see any mention of this on your website. Arecthe both used the same way? Are the both used with milk to make kefir. Is one type better than the other?

  4. says

    Hi Louise, you can check my recent post about Kefir. It’s an almost complete write-up about everything you need to know about Kefir. Here’s the direct link to the comparison between milk and water kefir.

    You might want to read the whole article, though. I really tried to put everything I know about Kefir in it so you’ll surely find something interesting about Kefir there.

  5. Holly says

    how can I get my own kefir grains…? where do they come from….I have been drinking Lifeway Kefir and a friend said I should make my own….but how do I get or make the grains?

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