Problems With Kefir Being Sour and Consistency

Kefir Consistency Sour MilkA lot of people have been observing their Kefir lose its consistency over time. Sometimes the taste and even the smell of the Kefir changes too. People are almost always freaked out about this and no one’s to blame. In fact, this is one of the most common questions that end up in my inbox and honestly, it happens to everyone.

First, let’s tackle the taste part, no matter what the consistency or smell of the kefir is. This is by far the easiest to remedy as the consistency and smell of the kefir will eventually follow. The general rule of thumb that I follow, is to simply add more milk when the kefir that is strained off from the batch is too sour. Remember to strain the kefir grains every 24 hours and to put into a fresh batch of milk. If the resulting taste is just right, use the same amount of milk the next time. If after you’ve doubled the milk and it’s still too sour, you might be having a little too much grains in your jar, so the next best solution is removing some of the grains.

When doing this trial and error or experimentation phase, be sure to only change one thing at a time. If you’re going to add or lessen the milk OR you’re going to remove some of the grains. Don’t do both as you not know what really effected the change. Learn to be patient, everything comes with practice as they say. : )

Next is the consistency part. After a while of growing your kefir grains, you may just find your kefir turning into a whole different consistency. With the top being curdy and very watery near the bottom, and separates more once strained and left in the refrigerator. Definitely not the smooth and thick kefir you’re familiar with.

So what are we doing wrong now?

The simplest explanation to this is that you’re kefir grain’s growth is outpacing you supplying them with their food. You’ve been giving them the same amount of fresh milk when they have already grown so much. At this point, the kefir is simply separating because it has become too acidic. Like the taste, the remedy is to simply add more milk to the kefir grains or to remove of the grains and use the same amount of fresh milk.

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  1. Heather says

    I just started making Kefir with grains after drinking flavored Kefir from the store for years. My husband says the Kefir I have made tastes strong, but he thinks it is fine. Since I previously drank flavored Kefir, I bought a plain one from the store. That Kefir tastes like plain yogurt, slightly effervescent. The Kefir I made just makes me gag. It turns into Kefir in about 24-36 hours. It really doesn’t have a smell. It just has a very strong, strong flavor (not really like yogurt). Any thoughts?

  2. Jack Treahy says

    My kifer has been doing good until I gave a little of my grains to a friend.
    I use Strauss milk organic non homogenized 2% milk.
    I let it ferment for 24 hours. It used to get quite foamy at the top, and when I strain it, it takes some massaging, to get the liquid off of the grains, and the resulting liquid is really nice and creamy.
    Now, when I pour the kifer into the strainer, the liquid runs right off of the grains, leaving the grains exposed and looking almost dry. The liquid is still creamy, but not as much as before the change.
    The grains are about the size of a tennis ball, and I use about 8 oz of milk, and its not as foamy at the top.
    Thank you much
    Jack Treahy

  3. doris says

    hi I am doing water kefir just got started I tried doing the milk but it was always so sour and my grains were like cottage cheese Smaller even and tasted like bad milk Can u tell me what I done wrong? Water kefir is cheaper Is it just as good? Thanks for your site and the link.

  4. Amy says

    I had a feeling this was the answer as my kefir was growing in mass amounts, despite the me using the same quantity of milk. I am away to save my kefir and thank you.

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