Five Steps to Losing Weight with Kefir

I’ve tried different pills, weight-loss programs and exercise regimens. They were bad/really bad/good /really good but what I’m on now, I would recommend to anyone without batting an eyelash. I’m regularly consuming kefir. My health has since improved tremendously and weight-loss turned out to be just a delightful bonus. But for the record and to make it very clear, drinking kefir helped me lose weight.

This obviously poses quite a few questions to the curious reader. What is kefir? What are its health benefits? How can it help in losing weight?

Kefir is a creamy and tangy yogurt-like smoothie, which is actually fermented milk whose contents include calcium, protein, phosphorous, magnesium and vitamins A, B2, B12, K and D. But the most important contents that I find very appealing are the enzymes and “probiotics”, which pertain to microbes that are “beneficial to life”.

Probiotics are live and cultured bacteria that help in cleansing the intestinal tract, boosting the immune system and promoting an overall balance of wellness. Kefir is much healthier than your favorite yogurt since yogurt only has one or two strains of probiotics while a regular kefir drink has 10 or more.

That sounds very healthy right there but how did this seeming “wonder drink” help me lose weight, you might ask. By the way, it has helped a ton of other people lose weight: a number of cases are well recorded, documented or posted online. The probiotics will not only keep you healthy but also help you lose weight.

While most people think cutting down on dairy can cut weight, a study conducted by the University of Tennessee argues that consuming 3-4 servings of dairy products every day can actually help you lose some pounds. Kefir is fermented dairy with dietary calcium as one of its contents. According to the research, the more dietary calcium there is in your cells, the more fats are burned than stored.

Here are a few steps showing how to lose weight with kefir.

One, engage yourself in a healthy kefir diet that will not only cut down weight but also promote good health. Have a drink of kefir smoothie every morning for breakfast.  Treat kefir like your regular milk and so you can blend some fruits – banana, peaches, mango, or cantaloupe – with your dairy kefir to make a smoothie.

Two, when making salad, create your own mix by simply purchasing the dry ingredients to make ranch dressing and then use kefir instead of your regular milk. Have a healthy kefir-dressed salad for lunch and dinner. In other words, use kefir instead of milk whenever you can.

How often should I eat kefir salad or any kinds of food with kefir? And how much of the beverage should I consume every day? You do not need to consult with your doctor to know how much kefir to drink per day since kefir is an organic healthy drink and not a weight-loss dietary supplement drug. This precludes nearly all possible side effects.  Just make sure to buy low-fat or non-fat kefir.

There are different types of kefir you can buy in a health store: regular kefir, non-fat, cow’s milk kefir, goat milk kefir, and so on. You can also just buy kefir grains so you can make your own drink, power drink, diet drink or smoothie at home using your preferred fruit or flavor. There are two types of kefir grains: milk and water kefir grains. You can make healthy water kefir drinks using water kefir grains, which are also called tibicos, California bees (by many people) or Japanese water crystals.

Three, while kefir is indeed a wonder health beverage, you should still always watch how many calories in kefir you are taking in. When trying to cut down on pounds using any type of beverage or diet drink, you shouldn’t skip counting your calorie intake and regular exercise. Purchase the correct type of kefir for your intended purpose, such as to lose weight for example. There are about 87 calories in 3/4 cup of kefir. One cup of regular kefir may contain 110 calories.

You might also want to know how many carbs in kefir are necessary. A 240-g serving should contain only about 12 grams of carb, with 11 grams of protein and 2 grams of fat. I know, counting calories is like a taboo thing to do for the normal person (like me) so I’d like to say rephrase it in a normal sounding way….”Portion Control”. It’s knowing when enough is enough and controlling yourself. :) Calories in and calories out is a theory obviously but it works for me (and millions of other people in the world) so I’m not complaining. HiiT (Interval Training) cardio + a wee bit of lifting + diet (I still eat, diet means the food intake, not diet = starving) Love the Visual Impact course by the way. For women (you can get the men’s version if you want your husband/bf to get lean. Pretty simple process. No drastic changes in lifestyle too.)

Preparing water kefir is also a pleasant health or weight-loss alternative. Simply add water kefir grains to a pitcher or jar. Put in different kinds of flavors or tastes as you like, such as lemon, pineapple or ginger. If you wish to sweeten the mix, be mindful how much sugar in water kefir is added. Use dissolved sugar, not honey. Never use honey since honey can damage your water kefir grains.

I find it a smart move to drink milk kefir and water kefir interchangeably. Both have the same health and weight-loss effects but with different tastes, textures and appeal. Milk kefir is yogurt-ish while water kefir is like soda (and almost like beer when brewed) since water kefir grains carbonate the water. But how many calories in water kefir are there? There is no exact answer here since it depends on how much the grains have been fermented. It is safe to say, though, that the calorie content is very little to none, or much less than found in milk kefir.

Four, for the really serious weight watchers or if you wish to take away a significant amount of weight, replace 1 or 2 meals a day with a drink of milk kefir-fruit smoothie. If that’s too much, include cheese and a cup of bread for breakfast, vegetables for lunch, fruits for snack, and small portions of boiled fish and vegetables for dinner.

Finally, while the probiotics found in kefir can help you cut down on weight, lower cholesterol levels, cleanse your internal ecosystem and improve bowl movement, losing weight and having a great body is all about over-all discipline. Watch what you eat, cut down on alcohol, get enough sleep, avoid getting stressed and get regular exercise.

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  1. Coral says

    Please advise if milk kefir fermented for 12 to 14 hrs, is slightly sour, has thickened without much yellowish streaks, contains as much or lesser probiotis as that fermented for 24hrs. In a hot tropical country, a more than 18 -hr. fermentation gives a too sour kefir.
    Is a kefir fermented for 12 to 14 hrs. ok for good health?

  2. says

    Yes, if it cultivates in 12 hours then it is just as good as a cultivation that took 24 hours to reach the same state.
    Drink up! :)

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