The Truth About Kefir

kefir truthKefir got rid of my Ulcers. It helped my friend by getting rid of her allergies. And it helped a lot of people treat, remedy or even cure different kinds of sicknesses. I just love kefir and I hope you will too. :)

You must’ve heard about kefir somewhere so you tried searching for it online or you must have a problem with your health so you were searching for a very natural and proven remedy. You are definitely in the right place. I created this site because I love Kefir! It has rid me of many unwanted health issues and changed my lifestyle for the better. Since discovering Kefir, it’s been a regular staple in my diet.

So what really is Kefir?
Kefir is a cultured milk drink. The word originated from the word “Keif” which means “good feeling” or “pleasure” and this has been around for centuries! There’s actually one main thing that’s been bothering people for centuries too. How do you really pronounce it? :-)

Sounds like it’s a glorified name for “Yogurt
kefir yogurtIs it just yogurt with a weird sounding name? Actually it’s ALMOST similar because they are both fermented/cultured dairy products. Both are great sources for calcium, B vitamins, potassium and protein. Both have the same slightly acidic flavor too. But that’s pretty much where the similarities end.

Kefir is thinner in consistency, just imagine evaporated milk consistency. People use it as a direct substitute for yogurt and some cuisines actually require it. Studies have proven that it is healthier than yogurt and EASIER to make.

How is making Kefir different from making Yogurt?
Let me first explain how both are basically made so you would get a better understanding. Yogurt is made by culturing fresh milk which were, boiled and then cooled, with a bacteria starter. It is then fermented in an environment warmer than normal room temperature for about 8-16 hours.The bacteria in yogurt should be consistently renewed because of it’s very limited lifespan.

Kefir is made naturally by culturing fresh milk with live kefir grains. Kefir ferments at room temperature and fermentation periods are flexible. Usually a half day up to 2 days at most. The best part is kefir grains stay alive forever! Ok, indefinitely is the better word but as long as you don’t kill them… on purpose. It’s actually pretty hard to stop them from reproducing and growing. After fermenting your first batch, just remove the kefir grains and move them to a new batch of milk to make a new one.

Wait, I’m lactose intolerant. Can I drink this?
Enzymes in both kefir and yogurt make it easy for people to digest it compared to other dairy products, which is really important for lactose-intolerant people. To prove this point, there are many studies and testimonials that people who are lactose intolerant are much better off drinking kefir. There have also been proof that people with other allergies got cured after drinking kefir.

Tell me what makes it so good?
Like Yogurt, it introduces good bacteria into your body. But you are need to eat it regularly to keep good bacteria in your system. Kefir’s beneficial or friendly bacteria comes from kefir grains and actually resides in the intestines when consumed, where they can continue to aid in digestion and repel harmful bacteria. There are also studies and proof that it cures constipation, ulcers and makes your immune system better.

How come I haven’t heard of this before if it’s so good?
Actually there are many products in your local supermarket that are kefir. You probably know the brand names, just not that it is actually made from kefir. I will be reviewing each of them soon and I hope you would look forward to it.

I have other milks at home, can I use it?
goat kefirYES! You are not limited to cow’s milk. People make it with goat’s milk, camel’s milk and even buffalo milk! You can also use soy milk, the milk of nuts, seeds or coconut, or cereal grains.

Kefir can also be made with just sugar water mixed with citrus and dried fruits called water kefir.

I have a weak stomach! How will this help me!?
Here’s a tip from me, if you drink Kefir, you will be able to drink and eat ANYTHING. It makes your stomach that much stronger.

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  1. Dale Hubbard says

    I’m a Diabetic type 2 can I benefit from Kifer? will it raise my blood sugar?

  2. Giselle says

    Hi Dale, glad you asked… you can benefit a lot from kefir. It should not raise your blood sugar since the good bacteria that make up the kefir actually eats the sugar/lactose in dairy or the sugar in water kefir. There have been reports that it actually regulates your blood sugar making it return to normal levels. In any case,
    I know how you might be hesitant to try something you have never tried before, and if you are, how about trying small amounts first. Keep an eye out on your sugar levels and see what happens.

    I personally would love to hear the results too!

  3. Yaz says

    Hi Giselle:

    I have milk kefir since 3 weeks now. When they first arrived they where pretty stressed and yellow looking, but they made it from the midwest US to Hawaii safely. It took about 1 1/2 weeks before I can say they came back to life and the color is now white with a slight yellow only. They’ve also grown. My question is how do increase growth rate of my kefir, because I have discovered I enjoy eating the grains alot, more than the kefir itself. My body seems to literally crave it. Sofar they have doubled in size, from 2 heaping TBS to 4 TBS, but I ate 1 TBS already, upps…….
    Any suggestions?


  4. Giselle says

    you can try changing the milk more often :)
    but not too much that you would have to handle the kefir too much.

    play around with it and experiment :)

  5. Irina says

    Can you believe that a 32 fl oz bottle of kefir costs US$7 in Panama? That’s just crazy…but I still buy it :-)

  6. Sandy says

    I’ve been wondering if you can use other things besides sugar in kefir? Such as stevia or honey…would the results be the same? I’m trying to stay away from sugar as much as possible and is why I’m curious about this subject.

    My kefir grains will be here in a few days and I cannot wait. I’m going to save myself a lot of money by making my own. :) I love and crave kefir and feel so much better when I drink it…I cannot get enough but by making my own now I will.

  7. Kari says

    I have been making kefir for several weeks now. We LOVE it! However, my two smaller children and I have a milk allergy. I thought we would be ok since it is pre-digested through the fermination process. I have shown no negative reactions (my milk reaction in constipation and gas). Both of my little ones have signs of milk use again, eczema on the backs of their arms. Though, it’s not the same as when they have actual milk (serious constipation, gas, and eczema). I am trying to figure out how to change this. We have tried to find goat’s milk, but have been unsuccessful. I am looking at either using homemade almond milk, coconut milk or just water kefir. Can I use the same milk kefir grains without problems? Which of these three options would you suggest me to use? Which would be the least complicated and least expensive (as I have four who drink kefir daily).


  8. charles branklyn says

    i have decided to go the way of water kifer grains with sugar water and fruit.
    so thanks for the infor. charles

  9. Sam says

    Hi! I just got my milk kefir grain a couple of days ago. I was so excited, but problem is that my kefir grain float and won’t coagualate after 24 hours. Do you have any idea why this is or any suggestions? Oh and it’s been in the mail for two weeks. Do you think my kefir grain is dead? They’re not hard, I can’t really tell if they’re yellowish, maybe my wishful thinking that there’s nothing the grain, but definitely not yellow.


  10. Aida says

    how many 8oz glasses should I drink and I am trying to lose weight, will kefer help this or will i gain weight ?

  11. Corrie says

    Hi – a friend has given me some kefir grains – I love it and drink a good glass everyday and even have my husband on it (though he’s not too keen on the taste, being a terrible sweet tooth). He suffer’s from a bloated tummy feeling and too much acid so I have been encouraging him to drink a glass a day – he’s only just begun this glass a day so hope his tum tum health will show signs of improvement eh!! thanks for all the info and will continue to experiment.

  12. Corrie says

    Hi – a friend has given me some kefir grains – I love it and drink a good glass everyday and even have my husband on it (though he’s not too keen on the taste, being a terrible sweet tooth). He suffers from a bloated tummy feeling and too much acid so I have been encouraging him to drink a glass a day – he’s only just begun this glass a day so hope his tum tum health will show signs of improvement eh!! thanks for all the info and will continue to experiment.

  13. says

    Sam, if it’s not too late, don’t throw them away…I was reading that it can take 2 weeks or more to “wake up” your grains. Keep changing the milk every day and try it each time, and eventually they’re supposed to liven up.

  14. Giselle says

    @Sam – if you continue to have this problem, just go over the video that comes with the kefir grains. : )

  15. Jessica says

    Say, if I am away on holidays for 2 weeks… how do I keep the kefir grains alive for when I get back from my holidays?? Do I just keep the kefir grains in the fridge with some milk???

  16. Robert castillo says

    Is water Kefir better than milk Kefir? is it ok to drink both each day?
    in term of health, is one better than the other one?
    i been drinking both each day, im just worried that i may be drinking too much, since i drink both each day!!!

    tahnk you,
    Robert castillo, NYC, USA

  17. says

    I have gone to—with kefir questions and there are plenty of answers and recipes—for all types–and answers for all questions and more–
    search on youtube—and watch all the fascinating video—

  18. Dan says

    Hi , quick question… after straining my kefir and leaving it out for several hours it ‘s no longer separates like it did before. It still tastes good and sour , but no separation . Is it ok ??? Thanks Dan

  19. Giselle says

    @Jessica: keeping it in the fridge with fresh milk will do. it will slow down the process. Just wake them up when you get back

    @Robert: Anything too much is bad. Just drink a good amount. dont go overboard. Water kefir and milk kefir are practically the same but more people prefer milk kefir. Possibly because of the process of taking care of them. Some also found milk kefir to be more beneficial.

    @Daniel: Yes, you are correct. Thank you for that! :)

    @Lily: Ive seen people do this but i suggest not to yet. Maybe in a few more months.

    @Barbara: sorry about this. Ive been pretty busy. Ill try to keep up with the blog. Ive asked michael to help out with the comments as well.

  20. Giselle says


    ive had friends that did this

    browsing online, I have seen people testify about doing this as well.

    After giving birth, you will be required to take some medicine. Kefir should be able to help you cleanse to be ready for breastfeeding :)

  21. Grace says

    I had Kefir for months now, but mine are so tiny and yellowish but making good kefir milk, now my mother did frozen hers and now I have them and I am not sure why her’s are SO big and white, well I feel like they are no responding they are not slammy as mine which ones are ok mine or my mom’s???

  22. Giselle says

    There are many variables that it could be, different milk, different timing or temperatures.

    Can you ask you mom what she was doing differently?

  23. Mary says

    Hi – I would like to order grains but on website offering grains – there is a statement advising – cannot send to Australia as they are funny about Kefir grains.
    Do you know if this is so?

  24. Giselle says

    Hi Mary

    We’ve tried countless times.

    We have tried several different ways to get kefir grains into Australia but the declaration always gets it and will not deliver it. 

    No live foods are permitted across the border without Governmental consent I believe.

  25. Anita says

    Anyone wanting Kefir grains in Australia, I have both Milk & Water Kefir grains available.
    Email Anita – gamgo (AT) optusnet (DOT) com (DOT) au

  26. says

    I have intestinal problems and do so love the kefir I have made from the freeze dried kefir. I am now ready or order living kefir. Woo Hoo!
    So excited!

  27. Laure says

    Hi ,
    Anyone could help me know if I could drink Kefir milk under Chemo treatment ?
    Thank you

  28. Teresa Hunter says

    I was given a start of Kefir in Molasses and water. It is not looking like it is growing very well, some are floating and it looks like some are breaking down. Can I put it in water with Maple syrup? and what is the ratio. I think it looks like I may have 1/2 to 3/4 Cup of Kefir grains.
    Don’t want it to die….. help :o)
    Thank you

  29. mary says

    Can you please tell me how much should a person have in milk form or in yoghurt , per day?

  30. Bettyann says

    Teresa: it sounds like you were given water kefir, not milk kefir. Milk kefir grains are different all together. You can make water kefir from milk kefir grains, but they will not last. Go to “Dom’s Kefir Site” for lots of info on kefir, water and milk.

    I make both kefirs. Kefir cured my acid reflux, improved the texture and elastisity of my skin (I’m 53), makes my hair and nails grow very fast, and this is crazy – but I had a foot fungus that nothing cured until I started drinking kefir every day, about 3 cups a day. I also eat the grains! I make cheese and with the seperated whey, I wash my hair, make facial masks, use it to make bread, and make pasta with it, then boil in it. I LOVE kefir! But the biggest benefit has been gastronomically: even water gave me heartburn, it was torture.

    Again, go to Dom’s Kefir Site for pages and pages of info, even scientific, about kefir. Enjoy!

  31. carole says

    Hi! This is so new to me,I enjoy it every morning. We going away for a week, can I drain the grains and freeze them till I get back?

  32. Dahleen Bonner says

    Hi, Giselle
    I need to ask if I can make kefir with coconut milk or almond milk. Enjoy all of your info on your site. Thank you for all of your information you share.

  33. Giselle says

    Hi Carole, just put it in fresh milk and leave it in the fridge, dont freeze it. Wake them up when you get back. :)

    Dahleen: Yes, you can. Just start with regular milk then shift to other milk when they are big enough.

  34. alisa says

    Hi Giselle,
    My experieces with Kefir has been touch and go. I love the taste but my grains are nothing compared to what I see online. Started 3 weeks ago with granaules that you get 6-7 starters with and they play out. Liked it so much I decided to buy the dehydrated grains so I could make make it indefiantly. They’ve been culturing for 5 days now, and I’m being very careful but instead of growing they are breaking apart and getting smaller. It only takes 14-18 hrs for me to get kefir so something is going right it seems. Does it just take time to get the big white grains we seeon the videos?
    Thank you and I love your site.

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