Yogourmet and Kefir – Kefir Maker

yogourmet kefir makerThere’s always been a split when recommending a kefir maker. When people ask me about kefir makers, I only recommend one and it is also a yogurt maker. The Yogourmet kefir maker is the one I trust nowadays. It really isn’t built for kefir grains, but if you are using kefir starters, then it is usually ok. Yogourmet kefir makers have good reviews on the internet so you can try to head on over here to see their comments.

The Yogourmet kefir maker’s biggest advantage? You can make big batches easily. It’s also friendly to kefir starters which they also produce.

Kefir makers are not for everybody and I still support doing it the old fashioned way with kefir grains but if this is your thing, using a kefir maker and a kefir starter, then by all means, try it out. If you don’t like it, you could always use the Yogourmet as a yogurt maker. Yummy homemade yogurt and kefir. Mmmmmm….

People usually buy this combination of Kefir starter and Kefir Maker from Yogourmet

Yogourmet and Kefir - Kefir Maker by

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