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People ask me where I got my grains and how this blog got started.

I got my best batch of Kefir Grains from Michael (Person in the video below)

They are really healthy even until today and it’s been years already!! It made me realize that I needed to spread the word as there was really little info about it online back in the day.

Here is a video of Michael showing the Kefir Grains he sells

You see? Those are some HEALTHY GRAINS! If you read the blog, you already know that they can reproduce and practically last your forever if taken cared of correctly.


What Are Kefir Grains?

Kefir is cultured milk similar to yogurt. It has many more benefits and has been proven to be a cure to many health problems. You can also make it with sweetened water (water kefir) if you dislike milk. This has been around for centuries and it is very popular in many countries so there’s no reason for you to miss out.

If you would like to know more about Kefir, just feel free to browse my site. There’s a lot more info and you can even discuss in the forums! :)

Kefir has helped me in more ways than one and it saved me from feeling pain for rest of my life. That is also why I want to share as much knowledge as I can with you all as it could help you out just like it helped me, my friends, my family, and the other people in the world that have been drinking it regularly.


Kefir Grains Versus Kefir Starters

You usually just see Kefir in your grocery. These are starters and you will have to buy it over and over again. They are usually just mild and not like the real natural kefir that come from grains.

Kefir grains on the other hand will reproduce and will last you a lifetime if you take care of them. You can make it in your home very easily. You can also give it flavor or mix it up with your shakes and smoothies! (Your Kefir Source will be updated with recipes, articles, how to make Kefir and other stuff you need to know.)


A Quick Look On Benefits Of Kefir Grains

Aside from the benefits of having a balanced inner ecosystem and the strengthening of your immune system, you also get some great cures that come from it. These are but some of the health problems I have seen cured. These are based mainly on my experiences and of others I know but I have read many testimonials on the internet about them also.

Treats sleeping disorders
Healing Of Pancreas
High Blood Pressure
Regulation Of Cholesterol
Improves digestion
Fights Osteoporosis
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
Prevents and treats colon cancer
and many many more!

By the way, Kefir also helps increase your metabolism which means, you burn more fat so you get sexier!


Check it out!

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Milk Kefir Grains

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Water Kefir Grains

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Option 3: Milk and Water Kefir Grains Combo 

Milk and Water Kefir Grains

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But Wait! As An Added Bonus

Because we know that most of you are buying kefir grains for the very first time, we want to make your kefir making journey as easy and as hassle free as possible….(how I wish I knew about this from the start.)

So we’re going to include the BEST SELLING Kefir Video Course with both Milk Kefir Grains and Water Kefir Grains and the best part? It’s ABSOLUTELY FREE!


kefir grains

MP’s Kefir Video Course


You’ll Learn:

  • What should you do when you first get your grains?
  • How long should you wait before drinking your first batch of Kefir?
  • See with your own two eyes the different stages of fermentation. (Know when it is good to drink and learn when it is not ready or over fermented) You can read all about this in text but you’ll never know for sure until you have an experienced person show you.
  • Learn about the ratio of grains to milk.
  • I will also show you How to set up making enough kefir for the whole Family.
  • Discover how time and temperature affect the fermentation process.
  • Personal advise on how to use kefir for exercising and losing weight.
  • Should you really wash your grains?
  • How much should you drink everyday?
  • When is the best time of day to drink it?
  • See and learn about the different types of milk and discover which ones are the best to use.
  • Learn all about storage for a week, a month, or years. There are 4 different methods.
  • …and Much, Much More!!!
  • This Wonderful Bonus Is Normally Worth $47.95 Outside!


So take  this opportunity and get yourself started with kefir! With the help of the online streaming video course, you’ll be making your batches in no time!

For Over 5 Years

Kefir Grains ship out in 1-2 business days.

Once grains are shipped, it usually takes about 7-15 business days to arrive.

The Video Course will be in your inbox after purchase completion.

A link will be sent to you with your electronic receipt for you to view the video course and detailed instructions.


P.S. Michael will handle all your inquiries about the grains and the course.

P.P.S. Did I mention that we pay for shipping? Well, It’s NOW SHIPPING WORLDWIDE TOO……..Except Australia…They have this thing about Kefir Grains…


These Are Completely Unsolicited, We Just Copy & Paste What We Receive



These Are Completely Unsolicited, We Just Copy & Paste What We Receive

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