Health Benefits of Kefir

Real health benefits you get with Kefir

kefir health benefitsI want to tell you my story about Kefir. I’ve had trouble with self esteem back when I was younger. I was pretty chubby (really really chubby) and very uncomfortable with how I looked. I then decided to start a Crash Diet which I eventually learned to be the worst thing I ever decided to do.

I pretty much didn’t eat a single thing for a week. Sometimes, I’d eat an apple for the whole day or a piece of cracker. How I survived that was a phenomenal feat and it got me to the body I wanted. It didn’t last though and I finally started eating again, and I ate alot. That is also a reason why crash diets and fad diets will not ever work.

I noticed that I had a problem soon. I got it checked and I found out I had ulcer. I never got it cured though. It just kept on coming back. I finally decided to change my lifestyle shortly thereafter. I needed the change. I wanted to eat healthy and start working out. I eventually discovered kefir in Beijing when I stayed there for 6 months to study. I started making and taking it. I’ve never had any problems ever since. The bonus was it helped my body get to the point where I wanted it to look. I know it was Kefir because I really felt the difference.

Anyways, today I want to tell you the benefits of Kefir and it’s very exciting. You might have some problems or recurring health issues so this is very beneficial. I have referred my friends, family, the people I train and others to drink Kefir to solve their health problems, and I have documented each where it helped and did not help. I will also use results from studies I have read.

Proven Benefits:

  • Minerals and Amino Acids
    Helps our bodies with healing and maintenance functions.
  • Complete Protein
    Already partially digested so it’s easily utilized by the body.
  • Vitamins B12, B1, Vitamin K and B
    The B Vitamins make you organs function better, boosts your immunity. They also help your stamina and helps you lose weight! YEY! The Biotin helps your body absorb your B vitamins faster.
  • Contains Major Strains Of Friendly Bacteria and Beneficial Yeasts
    Namely, Lactobacillus Caucasus, Acetobacter species, and Streptococcus species. Beneficial yeasts dominate and eliminate destructive pathogenic yeasts in the body. Your body then becomes better in resisting pathogens and intestinal parasites.
  • They also help keep the colon environment clean and healthy.
  • Easy To Digest
    Great food for babies(from what I have seen) and the elderly. Also easily cures their digestive disorders.
  • Arthritis and Rheumatism.
    I found out about this in Beijing. They were explaining it to me so I decided to get my mom to try it. Suddenly, it just stopped happening. I was pretty amazed.
  • Anti Aging and Weightloss
    Studies have proven that taking this regularly daily, will help you look younger and keep your skin looking better. It should add years to your younger look.I mentioned weight loss earlier and I am a firm believer in it. It has been a big part of my success. I have formulated many smoothie recipes and I will share them to you in one of my posts.
  • Constipation
    I have seen many people succeed with this personally. It’s like Turbo Lax. Only natural :-)
  • Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
  • Herpes
  • Sleep Disorders
  • Depression
  • ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder)
  • High Blood Pressure
    Has a positive influence on the heart and blood, heals circulatory conditions.
  • Regulates Blood Sugar and Cures Diabetes
  • Heals the Lungs
  • Cures Bronchitis, Tuberculosis, Asthma.
  • Cures Allergies and Migraine
  • Cure For Acne
  • Heals the Kidneys
  • Protects the urinary tract and prostate.
  • Heals The Pancreas
  • Controls Cholesterol
  • Controls Osteoporosis
  • Helps The Liver and Gallbladder
  • Regulates bile production, influences positively hepatitis
  • Boosts Metabolism And Digestion
  • Heals Colitis, Diarrhea, Catarrh, Reflux, Leaky Gut Syndrome and Candidasis
  • Heals Duodenum and Cures Ulcers.
  • Helps Lactose Intolerant People
  • You can drink milk based products now :-)
  • Have Allergies? It cures them too!
  • Cures Vaginitis (Inflammation of the Vagina)

Unproven Benefits: (Still being experimented)

  • Curing The Common Cold
    I have tried experimenting with this. I intentionally got a cold and started intake of this. It got me cured faster. I have not seen anything official with this but I personally believe it helps.
  • AIDS
  • Cancer
    Produces own anti-cancer compounds, prevents metastasis, and some claim to have been cured.
  • Longer Life
    Because of a balanced inner ecosystem.
  • Fights Breast Tumor Cells

There should be more cures and benefits that I haven’t even found out or heard about but I think those are the main ones people face everyday. You see, I really believe in this. I want people to know this is not just a temporary thing. I want to teach people the importance of adding this to our daily lifestyle. It is certainly phenomenal and I am thankful I found out about it.


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  1. dee says

    I am trying to drink kefir and i am getting to much mucus build up in my chest. is there any thing that i can do to get rid of this mucus so that i can enjoy my kefir? by the way i started some of my kefir with organic 2% milk and some with raw milk. do you think water kefir is better for me? can i change my kefir over to water kefir?

  2. Lee says

    Hello Giselle,

    I have been drinking plain, lowfat Kefir for a few years now. I LOVE it! I only eat fish (no land animals at all) and worry about the mercury. Thats how I started drinking Kefir as it helps remove heavy metals from your system. I was thrilled about the addional health benefits! I have added your article to my blog to spread the word! My blog is


  3. mohamed hamza says

    some deary product can cause this mucus so tray not to drink your kefir and other deary product during the night time or before sleep . best regrades

  4. Aida says

    Hi I am very overweight and just introduced to keifer by my nephew. How much should I drink? will it help me lose weight? Thank you

  5. Brian says

    The list of “proven benifits” are quite amazing. Can you refer me to any specific scientific literature that support these claims? I don’t necessarily doubt these findings, and I do enjoy kefir, but I am a scientist and I work with scientists. If they ask me questions I want to be able to have some answers. Plus I would like to learn more for myself.

  6. Ruth says

    I’m also interested in the references for the “proven benefits”. Can you please post these?

    -another scientist and enthusiastic Keifir drinker

  7. Lily says

    I have been drinking water kefir for 2 weeks now. Unfortunately, I have started to constipate again. Everyone tells me that they have good bowel movement after drinking water kefir but it doesn’t work for me or my husband. We both constipate after drinking water kefir. I am getting worried. Is something wrong?

  8. chris says

    I see you mention that kefir has proteins/amino acids – does that come entirely from the milk that is being used to make it? Or does the kefir grain add protein to the milk?

    For example, 8 oz of milk would have 8gm protein. Upon adding kefir grains, would 8 oz of kefir have MORE than 8gm protein? Do the grains somehow ADD protein?

  9. Jay says

    I have read all the questions that have been posted on this page and Giselle only replied back to 1 of them! And her reply didn’t even answer the person’s question, she just asked her own question instead. PLEASE Giselle, answer the questions because I have similar if not the same questions to ask myself. Thank you.


  10. Pilar says

    I heard that kefir has different properties according to how long it stays in the milk?

    Could anyone explain more?



  11. Kristian says

    My advice is to drink the stuff! in the morning, 20 mins before brekky, so your stomach can absorb all the goodness before worrying about digestion. Teh friendly bacteria help the digestion immensely. think of them like a catalyst- aiding an efficient transfer of nutrients from food to body. i read somewhere that this ‘jolt’ in the digestive system to work much better than before can either cause a laxative or constipatory effect in different individuals; all depends on your lifestyle and diet. The article advises to keep drinking the kefir as it may take your body about a week to adapt and optimize as such. (article is in Bulgarian – you wouldnt be able to read it)

    how you brew your milk makes a massive difference also. the longer you brew – the more ‘off’ it gets. gungy, like yoghurt in a way. the speed of your brewing on the other hand depends on the temperature and kefir grain/milk ratio you have.

    this is my personal method which produces creamy-sweet textured kefir milk (which is packed with way more magic than normal milk):

    put ya grains in a jar
    add a 5 – 1 ratio of milk (250ml glass worth to about 5grams grain)
    leave it in a dry cupboard with a loose lid or covering of some sort
    pay it a visit in about 5 hrs to give it a shake/mix up (spread the fermentation)
    check it again in another 5hrs and see if the milk is almost the same as double cream in texture. just before the little chunks start to fabricate on top.

    now if you have your jar in a fridge, where it’s presumably colder, this will slow down the process so you can have less milk on your kefir grains and a slower fermentation process. (you know this stuff even has a somewhat 2% alcohol content when brewd?) so it’s all about finding a balance to suit you. may take some time and you may find yourself chugging down a few sour glasses worth – but stick with it!

    If you take good care of your stuff it will take good care of you. Think karma. I’ve had some smooth tasting glasses which have blown off a hangover within minutes – pure revitalisation.

    all the questions you have asked can be researched on google or other preferred search sites (Yahoo). I learned a truck load in about half hours reading. get on it.

  12. says

    i had noticed that I lost weight at first now I am not. I also started getting really fuzzy and I developed tennis elbow. I don’t know if any of this is related to the kefir. I love it and make kefir cheese also, but it seems it is an arthritic response and that to me is inflammation. I wonder if it is causing me to be inflamed. i have chronic fatigue and have had a multitude of health issues. Though my skin has gotten much better and my friends say I am looking healthier I am wondering about my arm and it is very painful and some other things. It may be a cleansing response and I sincerely hope that is true because I absolutely love it.

  13. Flavio says

    Sharon, since Kefir is made from milk, it’s high in calcium. You need to make sure you also have your daily dose of Magnesium and Vitamin D (sunshine) as they work synergistically to make sure you absorb the calcium properly and that it gets deposited in all the rigt places.

  14. Charlene says

    Dear Giselle, I hear you saying you are passionate about helpIing others with kefir and spreading the good news of its benefits. I also hear very you are very busy in past posts. It seems that kefir is very beneficial, but when these claims are made and people are given the opportunity to post questions with no replies of any type for months then one starts to wonder many things-your commitment, the benefits of this prod
    uct, is it legitimate or hype? Even if you don’t know the answer or can give websites to reference, that honesty is better than silence to genuine, heartfelt questions. For one who genuinely believes in this product and desires to help others, you are very silent. I, too, have questions, many already asked. Like them, I’m eagerly awaiting your answers and feeling that the wait well not be rewarded. Perhaps you should remove the opportunity to post if you do not have time or are unable to answer. Perhaps a FAQ page to answer many of these questions with references. Tie at first but them perhaps not the nagging sense of having to answer these questions daily or weekly? If you are sincere, them blessings on you and your efforts! And Thanks, in advance, for answering our questions!

  15. Giselle says

    Hi Charlene! Sorry about that, new articles and yep, an FAQ page is on the way in the coming months. I’ve been away from this site for the past year because of other commitments but ive been actively answering emails though for the past year

    We will be launching the facebook page next month and I’d like to utilize the forums soon.

    I have contacted Michael to help out on questions on this site/forums so hopefully there will be more activity here

    As for the questions here:
    Drink 250ml tops in a day. I drink it daily still, but i take days off. I never force myself to drink it. Does it help lose weight? I exercise 3 times a week, and it’s the only “supplement” i drink so I’m pretty sure it helped because I have my midsection showing muscle definition now. I know exercise and diet is a cliche but its really the only way. Diet, meaning you dont starve yourself. Diet means choosing, preparing your daily meal plans and portion control.

    As for constipation, some people report this especially those that havent tried or used anything like kefir in their lives before. Obviously, having the kefir bacteria introduced to your body wont go well if your body is resistant to the initial changes but it does pass and your body will get used to it.

    For the property being different when you leave the grains longer, If you want just thicker milk, don’t let them ferment for so long or take some of the kefir grains out. You will just have to experiment because your are dealing your local temperatures which can really effect the growth. Remember, the warmer it is, the faster they will cultivate.

  16. Nicola says

    Thank you for the precious information about kefir, I am thinking of beginning to prepare it at home for me and my family , it is not known well ,here in the West Bank – Israel, but know I am working on a scientific paper for my Masters degree about the benefits of Kefir , could anyone send me please scientific articles about Kefir.

  17. rachel says

    hi!! i read here that kefir made out of milk doesn’t have to taste so sour. is this true??? everytime i drink my kefir it’s very sour lol. i still chug it down tho. also how long are you suppose to let it sit?? i change it once every 24 hours. and wash the bowl, and kefir grains with tap water. Am i doing anything wrong?? please help!

  18. says

    Hi Giselle
    Thank you for all the great information on Kefir I have tried it yet. I was waiting fr a response from you I have an intolerance to casein the protein found in milk, just wondering if I can still take kefir. Greatly appreciated

  19. Annette says

    I just started water Kefir. I have Esophagitis, Hiatal Hernia, and Gastritis. I had breast cancer two years ago and I believe it’s what caused these problems. Many other things going on, but, at this point these are the most important. About how long will it take before I see the health benefits from water Kefir???

  20. Wanda says

    Been reading about Kefir and gathering information. All I get from your site is more questions from your readers and NO Answers from you!

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