The Dangers of Kefir?

dangers kefirKefir can be commonly found in the Caucasus Mountains. For many centuries, it has helped the people there survive the harsh environments. The people there actually protected the Kefir grains with their lives because it was a sign of wealth.

The harsh and unsanitary environments peaked the curiosity of scientists. Why are Kefir grains so good yet it came from such a bad environment?

Scientist tested the kefir and tried to find any trace of harmful bacteria. Surprisingly, there was none. Not even a single one! Scientists refused to believe and tested it again. They came up with a scenario where animal crap (excuse me for my language) would fall into the milk. So they injected the E. Coli into the kefir.

Within 24 hours the E. Coli was destroyed by Kefir’s friendly bacteria. Kefir has also demonstrated the ability to kill H. Pylori infections. The complex microflora of kefir has also shown a keen ability to stimulate our immune system which has been one of the commonly known benefits. It also wards off infections from salmonella, and in some cases even fights cancer. Kefir’s rich source of probiotics is certainly awesome.

Your Kefir Source would want to point out these facts because people generally skip whole foods like Kefir. Their reasons? It’s dangerous and will also cause you stomach aches and the likes.

Try kefir it out and see if it’s “dangerous“. You’ll see first hand that you won’t get anything bad from it…only a boatload of goodness.

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  1. marcvladimir says

    Great post! i totally agree as I haven’t found a single downside to kefir yet. It’s like the perfect all around food. You can make great tasting food from a ton of different kefir recipes and you can use it as an alternative to medicine too.

  2. Jannette says

    I have been using waterkefir for some weeks, but don’t like it at all because of the effect of the alcohol. I believe there is not much in the kefir, but it is definitely too much for me, it pulls me down, and my husband also says I don’t look well since the kefir. I feel exhausted. The kefir goes straight to my legs and head. I have tried the 24 hour fermentation as well as the 48 hours, it does not make any difference. Any suggestions are welcome!

  3. Giselle says

    any fermentation produces alcohol
    since the bacteria/yeast converts sugar to alcohol.

    maybe try milk kefir? as the milk might be able to mask the alcohol

    hope that works :)

  4. Jannette says

    We have no access to healthy organic milk, so don’t know how good that will be, as commercial milk is not healthy at all. After fermenting you will still have the protein and other substances which have gone into the milk.

    My husband suggests I just eat the grains without drinking the fluid. Sounds like a good idea. Will one get the full benefits that way?

  5. Adriana says

    After taking water kefir for 2 months, although I id not suffer from any particular complaint, it has deffinitely regularised my bowel movements and I feel great. (I do not like to drink it on its own, so I mix it with my breakfast raw cereals instead of milk or water)

    I would recommend anyone persiting in drinking kefir. Diet should be balanced with prebiotics, fibre and probiotics and kefir is definitely the best option for the later.
    Sometimes, when we make healthy change in our habits we start detoxying. We might suffe temporary side effects from the release of toxins accumulated by the body previously.

    If we combine kefir in a good diet, no refined sugars and processed foods, with lots of fibre, detox should be quicker and we start benefiting from the kefir sooner.

  6. Guerino says

    I have been making and using milk kefir for about 6 weeks and I have noticed a progressive increase in gas and bloating. It has now been almost 2 weeks where my bowel movements are extremely painful and my colon is very inflamed. It may or may not have anything to do with the kefir but I have discontinued in order to asses if there is any correlation. Has anyone else had this sort of experience and what is the course to take to rectify it? Can it be that perhaps my system is just not made to consume kefir even though I fare well on yogurt? Any feedback would be appreciated.

  7. Sandy says

    I absolutely love kefir and love making it. I know kefir is good for constipation but since I was basically born having diarrhea I wondered how it would effect me? Well, let me tell you, it has helped 100%, I was totally amazed. My digestion has never been better.

    I even give kerfir to my dog and he loves it and I know it’s good for him too.

    I have never liked the taste of milk and could not drink it because of that but now thanks to kefir I can and do drink it with no ill effects.

    I have been making ginger beer and it is also delicious…it is a nice change from just drinking milk kefir all the time.

    Thank you for all the great recipes!


  8. Janet V says

    Hi Guerino,
    My husband and I also had to stop drinking water kefir because we were having stomach disconfort, I don’t know if it is because of the fermentation process because we both had stomach ulcers years ago or the alcohol in it eventhoght its a small porcentage.My son is 8 years old now and his doctor recommended he takes probiotics because he also has stomach aches sometimes, they are very expensive and I was going to try the water kefir for him too but I’m afraid because I don’t know if it will upset his stomach also even more after my experience.Any feedback will also be appreciated.

  9. Urszula Recce says

    Hello- Is there a big difference between the probiotics in milk kefir and
    water kefir? Is there any place where I could get this info?
    Also, I have been allergic to dairy all of my life — also yogurt — also raw milk that has soured naturally (without kefir grains) — is it possible for someone like me to be able to tolerate milk kefir WITH the milk kefir grains? Thank you. Urszula

  10. lizette says

    I was reading about sides effects and it’s scared me.I know sometimes what is good for one might not be good for you and there is including
    the care about making Kefir that could contaminate Kefir solutions if
    not applyed correctly.I want to heal not keeping on feeling bad.

    It seem easy to make the Kefir but for some peoples it’s not maybe we
    can buy it all ready done I would like to know where.I am from Canada
    near Gatineau/ottawa.A feedback will be appreciated.

  11. Silver says

    I have been drinking kefir every day and I was wondering if it is possible to drink too much kefir? A friend of mine said that it is dangerous to drink too much!

  12. wingcodavid says

    My wife and I have started with Kefir (on a daily basis) for the last 2 weeks.
    a) Will it alleviate IBS? and
    b) Chronic constipation?
    c) Does it act as a colon cleanser?
    d) I am fat but not obese, but diabetic (Type II). Will it help me lose weight?
    e) Do I need to have anything else, along with Milk Kefir?

  13. JustME says

    @Giselle & @Sandy

    I assume you used real Kefir and not the stuff called Kefir in the stores that is not kefir. I’ve been making my own kefir for 2 years now and would like to point out some important issues.

    Kefir is alive. If you consume kefir around a meal with carbs, simple or complex, the bacteria and molds in the kefir will dine to a massive extent. That is where the bloating comes from. If you eat with a protein meal, they still eat (that is their purpose, to digest your food for you) but much more slowly. Kefir is CO2 forming, the gas is CO2, and yes, it comes out both ends with a carb meal!

    After consuming kefir for many months I learned that I had to be careful of carbs because kefir actually attaches to the lining of your digestive track. That’s it’s “history”, kefir is in effect an amplification of the bacteria and molds in mothers milk which in turn is intented to establish the digestive track and much of the immune system. And so after consuming kefir for a long time they line your digestive track, and any carb meal with then trigger the problem. Put another way kefir tends to force you towards a protein diet and reduce your carbs. And many suggest that is a good thing. 😉


    a) Will it alleviate IBS?

    Depends on the cause. But likely yes. Did for me.

    b) Chronic constipation?

    Depends on the cause. But likely yes. Did for me.

    c) Does it act as a colon cleanser?

    It will cause food to be properly digests and “repair” your gut. This then results in a cleaner colon. There is a “but”. If you PROPERLY ferment kefir for 24 hours it a slight laxative, if ferment towards 48 hours it become constipating (but has a different enjoable flavor).

    Thus once you properly learn to make it you can ferment longer to firm things up if need be.

    d) I am fat but not obese, but diabetic (Type II). Will it help me lose weight?

    You need to talk to a doctor. The following is not medical advice.

    One of the areas bad bugs grow is in the area of the liver, gall bladder, and pancreas. I’ll leave it to you to research this. Since kefir cause it’s bacteria and molds to form a lining in your entire digestive track (from mouth to anus) it will kill bad bugs causing problems possibly removing burdens on those organs.

    As for eating, kefir forced a substantial change in my diet. I have always been thin and remain so. I make and consume a lot of kefir each day, and the result is to sharply reduce my food intake by greatly reducing my sense of hunger (it’s so nutritious). I very much doubt it will help you reduce your weight, but this has been my experiance. HTH

  14. JustME says


    Never heard anybody with kefir experiance state any type of limit. I make and consume over 1/2 gallon per day. I drink kefir like other drink a liter of soda.

    That said, if you are just starting, then I can see lots of problems drinking too much due to the changes that take place in your body. Better to go slow, perhap start sipping 1 cup per day over the day. And again, avoid carbs. Once your body adjusts then start increasing. And as pointed out above, if you decide to eat a candy bar all that kefir mass in your gut will let you know about it!

  15. Nathan Lee says

    I’ve drank Clover brand Kefir and Trader Joe’s brand kefir.

    Both make my farts and bowel movements very very smelly.

    I’ve also had bloating and stomach pain all day after drinking Clover Kefir last night.

  16. Betty says

    I’ve been making and drinking about a cup of kefir a day, for almost a week now and I feel all swollen and puffy like I’m turning into a blow fish or something. The scale shows I’m gaining about a pound a day and my eating habbit haven’t really increased or changed. Has anyone else experienced this?

  17. Sue says

    After drinking milk kefir for about 2 weeks (1/2 cup daily), my personal observation are as follows:

    (1)Farts more often (smelly!!)
    (2)If I consumed kefri after a meal, will need to the toilet soon
    (3)Easy bowel movements
    (4)Ease backaches (have been taking primrose oil esp. at night to stop backaches but after taking kefir… it seems to reduce my backaches so have stop taking primrose oil capsules)
    (5)More energetic, less tired.

  18. Laurie says

    Wow, Lots of stuff to figure out. Thanks for sharing. I started making my own keifir about 3 months ago and mix it with some fresh and some frozen fruit. I drink about 8 oz in the morning for breakfast and then workout for about 2 to 3 hours. I was dong fine at first but am now getting stomach aches along with constipation of which I have had little to none of in my life. I am on my second day off of the keifer now to see if the problem goes away. I am wondering if the approx 2 cups is too much to start with. And, if carbs, simple or complex is a problem then fruit may be a problem. And then again is it the round of other stuff I’ve been taking under my doctors care???!! Lots to know, lots to figure out. No wonder why soooo many of us are unhealthy. Trying to figure all this stuff out is very very costly and even more time consuming. Thanks again for all of the feed back.
    Laurie Z.

  19. cilla says

    Hi, my kefir tastes like sugar cane juice and carbonated too! so far i didn’t experience any discomfort after a month taking it. But different story with my husband, he will experience gastric everytime after drinking the kefir.

  20. mg says

    i’ve been drinking kefir smoothies for breakfast every day since i got my grains a few months ago!
    For bloating/gas: try taking an enzyme to help digest the proteins and fats in the kefir. My doctor has me taking chewable papaya enzymes with every meal–even if i just have the kefir. it helps a lot. i used to get sharp pains in my abdomen from gas and i don’t get those any more since taking the enzyme. (There are other types of digestive enzymes out there too–papaya might not be the best one for you!)
    on the other hand, some peoples’ bodies just cannot accept the kefir because some bodies are very sensitive to fermented things. so if your body doesn’t respond well to wine and beer, it may not respond well to the kefir either. Kefir is very nutritious…but you need to decide if the health benefits outweigh the risks for YOUR body.

  21. mrjuice says

    When starting on real homemade fefir milk, 1 would start with 1oz twice a day. for the first week, then go to 2oz for the next week, then your colon should be ready for 5 to 8 oz a day, what some people need to understand that this is a very powerful nutrient, with more essential amino acids, more vitamins and enzymes, not to leave out over 300 billion good gut bacterias per 1oz then any live food on this planted, so if you have all of theses problems cut back let your body heal slowly.

  22. susa says

    Many people will experience bloating in part because the kefir will be killing the bad yeasts/bacteria and re-estabilishing the gut flora. this can happen with normal probiotics too. You do need to start slow.

    If you have an allergy to dairy products you need to stick to the water kefir or get your allergy treated. If you have a alcohol allergy… the milk is definatly softer on this and it should balance in the long term.

  23. gr82sing says

    I have not yet tried kefir but will be ordering my kefir grains soon so that I can start making it. You mentioned in your article that the kefir had the ability to kill the E. Coli bacteria that was injected in the milk in a scientific experiment. Due to the large debate about the safety of Raw milk (much of which I believe depends on the diet and sanitation of the dairy farm where you are getting your milk)… and the fact that I am pregnant… has kept me from drinking raw milk. I’m curious if Raw Milk Kefir would be less risky to drink throughout my pregnancy than just plain raw milk would be? Would the kefir grains actually attack and kill any harmful bacteria that may be in the raw (unpasturized) milk? If so, do you know of any research supporting this? I would appreciate any feedback because I really would like to use Raw milk to make my kefir but am alittle nervous about passing potentially harmful bacteria down to my baby if the raw milk is not from a totally trusted source. Thanks so much!

  24. cocoma says

    gr82sing, I’d recommend that you not experiment with raw milk especially while you’re pregnant. There are much pros/cons for raw milk, but the potential danger definitely outweighs any benefits. I’d suggest you do some serious research on this topic, as there are much information floating around the Internet, mostly from anecdotal claims than of scientific facts. As far as Kefir is concerned, try to find non-homogenized “Natural” milk that is pasteurized (not ultra-pasteurized), and that’ll definitely be enough for you to attain all the benefits of kefir with virtually no risk. I’ve definitely noticed much difference in non-homogenized natural milk in its taste and fermentation quality than with other organic homogenized milk. Good luck!

  25. Michele says

    I have been making a kefir shake every morning for the last year and a half. I use 2% store bought milk. I drink about 10 oz a day added to a banana (frozen in the summer for the extra coldness), frozen strawberries and honey or a sweetener substitute. I make sure my kefir is at least 24 hours old, for I have been lactose intolerant for many years. I have no problems. It is hours before I eat anything else in the morning, so maybe drinking this concoction staves off my hunger and drinking it only with fruit causes less of a problem than drinking it with other combinations of foods. The one thing I am sure about is that it has straightened out my digestive system, and I no longer have flatulence problems. I also do not crave chocolate any more. Kefir is rich in the B complex vitamins and taking those can have an immediate effect on the production of serotonin. I haven’t found a down side yet. I have lost weight by substituting my low fat fruit smoothie treats for afternoon munchies and after dinner desserts. I am a teacher and have shared my kefir grains with at least a dozen people at school who also are kefir converts. I would start out slowly–maybe 1/4 cup a day and increase gradually.

  26. Jennifer says

    gr82sing, I was raised on raw milk and now my children will be also. I was afraid of raw when I first started drinking it also. I have realized through research that most of the ‘cons’ associated with raw milk are hype promoted by the massive dairy conglomerates who are losing money to the raw milk sales. After the research I have done, we will NEVER drink pasteurized milk again. The conditions at the big dairy’s are atrocious, and the reason they have to pasteurize the milk is because it would make everyone sick if they didn’t. Do some research, pregnant women were drinking raw milk for thousands of years prior to this process (which was originally meant to be used only on beer). Certified raw milk dairy’s have to be much more clean than a standard dairy in order to keep that certification. Here are some good sites that have a balanced view point…keep in mind, when raw milk sours, it is still safe to drink, when pasteurized milk sours, it will put you in the hospital with food poisoning.
    It boils down to what you think is best for you and your child. I urge you to put all biases aside and make your own informed decision.

    We’ve been drinking raw milk for many months now, and my children rarely get sick anymore…when they do, it’s very short term.

  27. says

    I have just started making my own Kefir, and I’m loving it. My husband has a severe allergy to milk protein and once my grains grow enough I would like to start making him goat Kefir or water kefir. My question is once I have enough Kefir grains, how much should I rinse them before I make his “dairy-free” batch. Or should I make a couple batches of water kefir (thowing away the batches) until I’m sure there will be no milk residue left behind? I’m wondering how will I know there is no dairy left? Thanks

  28. cbrown says


    For someone new to kefir… Is there an ‘optimal’ time to take it? … For example is it bes on an empty stomach first thing in the a.m. … With food (or some kinds of food) … or a few hours after a meal.

    We just bought grains for water kefir and I would like to maximize their effectiveness (while at the same time minimizing any potential distress — especially for my father who said he is willing to give them a try BUT___!!!

    Tips would be appreciated. Thanks

  29. says

    hi cbrown

    any time of the day is good, but morning seems to be the best for me during breakfast or at the end of the day, around dinner time.

    about 200ml or 250ml (recommended on this site) is fine per day

  30. Marilyn Schaap says

    How much Vitamin D does kefir have ? I am not supposed to have a lot of Vit. D because of sarciodosis?

  31. elmark says

    I just got my grains a few days ago and have been using
    2 percent organic milk. I don’t know if it’s the transition but my kefir
    is always milky (even at the 21-24) hour mark. I read that fermenting for only 12-18 hours would give a milder and less alcoholic kefir, so I’m cautious about that.

    My question is actually regarding the taste and smell: from the get-go, it just smells like yeast (my mom makes homemade pizza and it’s that yeasty smell). The kefir that I strained and put into the fridge (with a lid), by the next day, smelled even yeastier.

    Is it supposed to be smelling super-yeasty? I know there is yeast – but does this mean that my grains are basically just creating a very alcoholic kefir? Should I rinse my grains or change to whole milk to get a creamier, less yeasty kefir?

  32. rkd says

    Question for all you Kefir drinkers. With all the bad press about milk and dairy gaining popularity and Doctors warning about the harmful effects of dairy, does anyone worry about Kefir consumption? Not because Kefir is bad, but because milk is bad even if we are able to get organic.

  33. M M says

    I have been drinking water kefir for about a month now and I LOVE it! I have never felt better! I have been to numerous doctors for many symptoms including chronic fatigue- to the point where I could barely do everyday activities. I haven’t had this much energy in years! Right before I started drinking kefir, I had a lot of stomach problems, especially bloating. I have not had any of that since the first day I started. I drink 2 cups per day and that seems to be the best for me.

    I could go on and on, this stuff is awesome!

  34. Louise says

    Hi..we started drinking Kefir about a month husbands candida is gone . He farted something aweful the first 2 weeks and then it stopped . As we stay in South Africa in a small town with lots of dairy farms around us, we use only fresh raw milk for the kefir. Tried the kefir with some fat free organic milk from Woolies but that tasted not very good the first time around as my kefir grains were not up to standard(only had it 2 days) . Much better the second time around.. Q – can you change milk kefir grains into water kefir grains?

  35. Sereena says

    I’ve been making my own kefir now for about two weeks and am loving the stuff. I started with low fat milk, but the resulting kefir was thin and runny with clots of milk through it, not very nice. On advice from other kefir makers, I changed over to organic full cream and the difference was amazing! Beautiful thick, creamy kefir. Its delicious stuff and I have it in my breakfast smoothie each morning with frozen berries, organic light coconut cream, fossil shell flour and pear juice. I don’t need to eat anything for hours and hours after this mix. Then I have a small glass before bed, I think the tryptophan encourages sound sleep (or so I read somewhere). I had to have my gall bladder removed about 5 years ago and have had touchy digestion ever since. But the kefir has eased it alot. However, if you’re new to kefir, you should start on a small amount and build yourself up. I’m going to try goat milk kefir next time. I also found out how easy it is to make kefir cheese, which I’ll be trying soon.

  36. Anne says

    Louise – where did you get the kefir, please? I am in Somerset West in W Cape and had it years ago and want it again now.

    Anyone else in South Africa – where do we get kefir??


  37. maria says

    Kefir cured my herpes! Really….had it for 20 years. As I drank my homemade kefir, the herpes symptoms subsided and slowly disappeared. Even though the stress is still in my life to trigger it, it no longer is active.


  38. says

    OH Maria that is AWESOME! I get cold sores if I take vit. D and if I over do and get run down. I am just getting started making kefir. This batch is my 3rd one. The second batch wasn’t AS thick as the 1st one was but I didn’t let it sit as long with this one. But my grains are soooo teeny tiny! I WISH I knew of some one around here with some grains I could get. These will grow I know but they’re just so small.
    Yes it is affecting me in the gas area and I am doing some burping as well. I started Sunday will be a week ago taking probiotics but am thinking this is going to be MUCH better than the pills since this is a live critter so to speak. lol
    I am starting out slow on consuming the kefir so my body will get adjusted to it. I’ve been having so many health problems and I do believe THIS is going to be a GODSEND for me! Needless to say I am VERY excited about it.

  39. veronica says

    Ive been ferminting water kefir every four days drink the whole of it about 250ml and then start over to waite another four days to drink it im finding so far so good, but am I getting the full benifit from it? Any suggestions out there?
    The reason I am doing it this way as I don’t hve enough grains for a bigger batch and a four day ferment is high quality.

  40. Debbie says

    Guerino, when you start fermented or kefir beverages you will experience excessive gas and bloating due to die off of the good and bad bacteria battling in the gut. the Kefir is doing its job, so what you are experirncing is a good thing, perhaps you need to start out with smaller amount and build up. Go to the and read up on what happens when you start on fermented foods.

  41. Mildred says

    I’ve been making Kefir now for about 1 year. I just keep experimenting with different milks and even tried the water and turn it back into milk kefir. I didn’t like the beer taste to it; though I did enjoy making soda. I also love making cream cheese. I have countless testimonies my most resent came from my husband. His doctor has been telling him that his liver count was not looking good. On top of that he was prescribing a medication for a foot fungus that could harm the liver even worst. The doctors decision was to put him on the medication with continue quarterly monitoring. My husband works 3rd shift so he uses the Kefir as an energy drink and unbeknown to us on his first quarterly check up the doctor was amaze to see the liver count come back to normal. We know it was the kefir; though we didn’t think about it then. We can’t wait to go back and tell our doctor why the medication didn’t make his liver count worsen but the count came out better. Thank God for this kefir.
    It multiplies so fast sometimes I eat it like candy. I have shared it with everyone I think can use some miracle healing.
    I truly believe this is manna from heaven.

  42. Jennifer says

    I’ve been making milk kefir now for about 3 weeks and i love it, very gassy for the first week but that’s almost gone. However i’m a little concerned about my last couple of batches; after about 10 to 12 hours the top of the kefir is lumpy and it has a yellowish tint to it and once i put it in the fridge it tends to separate, milk on top and whey on the bottom. Is this normal?

  43. raechel says

    I have had candida 15 years ago and have been quite well for the past 10 years. I love kefir and have been taking it for a week but probably overdid it by having 2 large cups a day. I now have thrush quite badly in my mouth and throat and below. What should I do. Stop and then start slowly? Or keep going with small amounts say 1/4 cup a day. Please help as I know this is good stuff and could be so good for my bad digestion.

  44. Lisa says

    I make water Kefir and drink about 1 liter/day. I did NOT start drinking this much – I started with a little shot glass full once a day, then twice a day, increasing as tolerated. After a few months, I was able to tolerate three to four 8 oz glasses each day. I make sure to drink one first thing in the morning and one just before I go to bed. This gives my body time to “re-seed” while I sleep. It did give me gas and a tummy ache in the beginning and I just cut back on the amount until my body was ready. Our gut flora has been damaged by the processed foods we’ve eaten and been raised on, in many cases. I have needed to be on IV antibiotics (2 gms a day) for 8 months for Lyme Disease and would certainly not have survived (and thrived!) had it not been for water kefir. The Nurse Practitioner at my doctor’s office recommended it to me. People need to start slow when taking Kefir and realize the good bacteria has to replace the bad and this creates a toxic environment for a bit causing a variety of symptoms. When you feel negative symptoms, remember why (there’s a little “war” going on in your gut as the good guys take over the “territory”!) and you’ll soon be feeling better than ever!

  45. Corals says

    My milk kefirs were doing very well for 6 months, but after this the grains got smaller and smaller and now each is smaller than a dried mung(green) pea. I want to order a new batch but hope someone can first advise me on how to prevent future grains from shrinking in size. Thanks.

  46. Coral says

    Ref: My email to you of May 14 about Milk Kefir grains getting smaller…I must add that these grains were not bought from Michael, but from another source and they were totally dried ones which I fermented in the same brand of pasteurised wholemilk all the while, and also at the same temperature of between 26 to 28 degree F. since I am living in a tropical country. Will apreciate your opinion.

  47. Rene says

    If one cannot mix kefir with carbs, how about making a smoothie in morning with fruit…they are carbs…please advise on how/when to drink it.
    Also,okay to put into a formula for l3month baby?

  48. Paul says

    A word of caution. I started using it and was so wowed by it that I started giving grains to friends to try. Unfortnately one woman who tried it was violently ill. I don’t recall her exact words and I must quiz her about it again. The thing is she is on a lot of medication for ulcerative colitis. Maybe I should have warned her to start on a tablespoonful at a time.

  49. ABDUL says

    Hi everyone. Been reading all your posts. let me give you all a bit of advise on probiotics and how it should be taken. Probiotics should never be the first thing that you take when hungry. Probiotics are live organisms that work only when they reach the gut.
    When one takes kefir/ yogurt at the beginning of the meal is that the live cultures tend to die off when it comes into contact with the stomach acid. It will be best if it is taken at the end of the meal when the acids have been used up by the meal and the kefir/yogurt is able to pass through to the intestine in live form where they can do the work it is intended to do. So the best time to have kefir is just after breakfast or lunch. In India yougurt is always had at the end of the meal. Drinking just a glass a day is enough. dont over do it even if it is the best you can give to your body. Be patient and the result will show.
    If you have probiotics in any other manner, the only benefit you will get is that of the milk and it is heaty on its own . Another important point is that you should avoid probiotics after sunset. The night time along with your sleep is when the body cleans up to send out the waste in the morning. The yougurt will affect the functioning of the lymph glands that draw out the waste. This is the rule in Ayurveda

  50. Bruce says

    Started water Kefir two weeks ago and had a little discomfort but it now passed :v). Really liking the stuff and saving me $$ on not needing to buy probiotics pills. My desire for sweets is gone no more trips to the candy machine hooray. Hoping this will get my weight loss back on track. I like the advice on taking it after a big meal that seems to work well but yesterday had it only for breakfast and it didn’t cause any problems. Looking forward all the positive heath benefits over the next few months of taking this stuff. Tired of being sick and tired all the time.

  51. Todd Fischer says

    Any time you swallow anything, there is the chance you may get sick! there are good bacteria and yeasts and there are bad bacteria and yeasts! I ate lunch one day, it didn’t taste bad, it didn’t look bad, it didn’t smell bad, about 3 hours later, well I have a upset stomach, a few more hours, and well I had cramps, and my stomach was churning and I didn’t feel so good, what was it? So I laid down, didn’t throw up at all, slept for 3 days, then went to doctor, and he tested me, ask where and what I ate, and the blood test confirmed, I had hepatitis A ! I was of no risk to anyone else, so he sent me home, told him to call if more problems showed up and return in 2 weeks to see him, there was nothing he could do for me or give me to stop it! I was 160 pounds back then and lost 100 pounds in 10 days!!! this was not a diet ! I ate or drank nothing for 10 days!!

    Recently I took kefir grains, I ate them raw and im alive and well today, but you will always wonder if something is going to happen or not, that’s life! nothing ever did, and I feel fine, im not bloated, my stomach settled down, and I love to eat. if you are going to get sick on something, u will know within 8 hours of eating whatever it is you ate, go to emergency room, u need professional help. or before you take any kefir, talk to your doctor first about it.
    Do you know that all of the drugs in the drugstore are man made imitations of the real thing?? there is nothing natural about any of the medications, they were made in a factory! even when it says natural on the bottle! there is no rule about what that really means!
    Do u eat yogurt, well that’s alive! it only has a few strains of cultures in it, kefir has a lot , like 40 or more strains. my kefir looks like small curd cottage cheese to me, that’s a better description of it to me. some cheeses are alive, killing everything is what the FDA wants to do with everything, but they haven’t killed cancer or hepatitis, or polio, so the FDA theory isn’t working so well. the FDA would kill you and then say, well at least he/she can’t get sick now!! what you are doing is increasing the good and decreasing the bad, the bad will never go away, but you can reduce the risk to level that it can’t do any harm! that’s what this is all about ! someday, we all are going to die, there is no stopping it, but we can reduce the risk of doing it, that’s all, this is the same idea! not the FDA’s! this is my opinion, not someone else’s! when you wake up in the morning, everyday has some risk to it! I know a guy who woke up the other morning, dead! it happens!

  52. Kevin says

    I have taken some kefir water that I made every morning for 6 days and after the second days my whole body start to get really itchy and I can’t sleep for 4 days now. I wondered if this is normal or is this a bad side effect. Please advice……

  53. Rowena Aranha says

    Is having kefir grains safe. Will it be harmful. I quite enjoy it. But don’t know about the


    Would love to hear from you

  54. Jordan says

    I had diverticulosis most of my life and many times it would become inflamed (diverticulitis) I would go several gastroenterologists they would stick tubes through both ends of me (endoscopies and colonospies) 6 “doctors”.
    I began making kefir from raw milk from free range grass fed cows about a year ago, today I have NO DIVERTICULOSIS! Unbelievable, after having seen the pictures of the inside of my colon from the colonoscopies I didn’t ever think those many bags could be closed. I can only imagine the benefit all those people with leaky gut and many other gut problems, the benefits they could have by drinking something so natural.
    I learnt to make kefir by mostly watching YouTube videos, at first I had to get accustomed to the taste and adjust the time of fermentation (more time, more sour) less time, less sour, around 24 hours is about right, but it’s up to you; if you like it creamy then after you remove the grains leavbe the kefir out on the counter for 12 hours or so, timing is not a big deal and don’t wash the grains!, But do wash the glass containers and don’t use metal utensils just wood or plastic. Good luck, and good health!
    P.S I am 71 years old, dislike!!!! “doctors and their poisons” take no poisons (drugs), exercise 3-4 days a week, eat tons of organic veggies, take multivitamins plus selenium, magnesium B-12 vit. C, Zinc, fish oil, vit D3, Co Q-10 and am in perfect health

  55. yvonne says

    I got my grains on line from Ohio, I have had nice results from them, I used raw milk first, but ran out, so I used 2% . not raw, just normal supermarket , it works well also. I have not had the gas or stomach problems many of you have had. I make fruit smooties in the morning. I really enjoy them. I have not noticed feeling better. I was hoping it would help my acid reflux. But my joints have been hurting in my knees ,and hips. I started worrying that maybe my grains are were from a unclean seller. Is there anything you can get from the grains if they are from a dirty farm? I read that even E coli die in kefir. so I thought it should be safe. please advise me. My grains seem very happy so far, they are growing and plump. I was told not to put them in the fridge.

  56. Tom says

    Hello I have started to brew milk kefir from scratch and there is something rewarding about making your own product! I was intrested in what Jordan was saying about healing diverticulosis
    I have been diagnosed with “scattered pockets” of diverticuli so I would love to heal that, I noticed that Jordan you take b12 vit?? You should be able to get all your b12 from the kefir I thought??
    Does anyone know where these grains first came from because I heard that all grains now are possibly from that ” mother” strain?? If so that would be mad because kefir has been around for a long time, anyhow Iam convinced this stuff is worth it’s weight in gold and I will continue taking this for ever now!

  57. Randy says

    I have been drinking milk kefir for about a year now. When I first started I didn’t think I would be able to drink it because I got a bad itchy rash in spots all over my body, but I kept drinking it and the rash finally went away. I have a lot more energy now and sleep better than I have in years. I would get the runs about once every 2 weeks before but now I can poop regular without having to run to the toilet. I haven’t changed my diet I still eat pretty bad but I have lost 20 pnds. I fart way less but when I do its pretty big and smelly. Good ones to share with friends.

  58. Aaron says

    After getting antibiotic c diff, and then using more antibiotics to cure that, my gut was a complete wreck when it was all said and done. I started a strict regiment of probiotics and read about kifer. I went to a local health food store and purchased sugar free plain Kiefer and gave it a try. literally within minutes after consuming a small cup of the kifer my gut actually started to feel better.

  59. says

    It might be something in your diet that is causing the joint pain but to be sure have you tried lowering your intake of kefir and still feel the same?

  60. Jordan says

    On Feb 20/15 I wrote that I do not have diverticulosis. I need to apologize and and clarify, On May 6/15 I had and endoscopy. I STILL HAVE DIVERFTICULOSIS But somehow my poop changed and is well formed since taking kefir, no irritations and this time no polyps, so instead of having to schedule a colonoscopy in five years as before, the Gastroenterologist wants to see me in ten years.

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